AcceleDent Value

AcceleDent® Optima™ Beyond Acceleration: Driving Predictable Outcomes

AcceleDent Optima is the most advanced accelerated orthodontic device with a comprehensive suite of technology driven features. Simple and easy-to-use, AcceleDent Optima is clinically proven to speed up tooth movement while reducing orthodontic discomfort.



AcceleDent drives predictable outcomes with patented SoftPulse Technology® that is demonstrated to speed up bone remodeling. The pulsating forces like those AcceleDent produces are clinically shown to stimulate cellular activity in orthodontic treatment. AcceleDent stimulates  the osteoblast and osteoclast cells, mobilizing these cells around the root of the tooth in the periodontal ligament (PDL). This cellular response causes changes in the bone surrounding the tooth enabling orthodontists to direct tooth movement effectively.

Orthodontists have reported that AcceleDent’s SoftPulse Technology helps increase the predictability of tooth movements while making the treatment more comfortable for the patient.

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